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Children's Stories

Grannies Bedtime Series

Toby & Doby's First Halloween

My Bedtime Series hopes to return children to a time of innocence and educate them along the way. In book one your child meets Suzy, four years old and very adventurous. One day Suzy discovers two mice, Toby & Doby, playing in her basement. The three become fast friends who embark on many adventures together. Each journey will show your child the importance of honesty, fair play, and acceptance, in a fun-filled, exciting way.

Each story offers a new learning experience. Some explain American customs and rituals related to our Holidays, such as Christmas and Easter. For example: Did you ever wonder where the Easter Bunny came from? 

Another shows your child what to expect on their first day of school, their first visit to the dentist or doctor, hopefully distilling their fears. 

Others simply introduce your child to all the wonders to be found as they venture to the beach or the zoo.

One thing is for sure; each chapter will leave you wanting more. 

(Sample chapter with each link)

More To Come
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