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Suzy here.

"Sorry, but Susan has been really busy enjoying her grandson, Dylan. We got to meet him and he is pretty cool. Word is our house is built and we should be hearing from the delivery man in a couple days."

"Suzy, Suzy,"

"What Toby? I'm trying to write to these nice people."

"Did you tell them the really good news?"

"Yes, I told them about the house."

"No, did you, whisper, whisper, whisper."

"Doby, it isn't polite to whisper in front of people."

"I'm sorry."

"That's okay, and no I didn't tell them about that."

"May I tell them?"

"Sure, you can."

"Susan might have a new writing job."

"That's right, Toby, She sent in her sample paper today."

"I sure hope she gets it."

"Me, too. Well, that's all for today. Good-night."

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