• Susan Pennington


Hello everyone. Hoping I can count on you to help me work toward earning a BONUS for my stories. Here are the requirements: Illustrated Kids' Book bonus - The top 100 most read illustrated kids' books in the U.S. and the top 25 in the U.K. will receive Illustrated Kids' Book bonuses. Kids' Book bonuses will be awarded based on total KU and KOLL pages read for the first time by KU and KOLL customers during the month. We'll notify the awarded authors via email. This is for my Kindle version (Least expensive copy, too) Get online, read the free pages (of either book, or both - Just reading the previews counts toward winning the BONUS), if you like it or even LOVE it, get your own copy for just $2.99. The more support, the better my chance of getting a much welcomed BONUS. TOGETHER WE CAN DO THIS :) <3 Go to and get yours today.

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